Mittwoch, 7. März 2012

The Apple Event 2012 Summary

The Ipad Event Summary
So here we are:
First the new Apple tv. Everything is made more IOS designed
And all you´re bought movies are now availbale in Itunes in the Cloud
And now the new Ipad here it is:
Five Big features:
The Resolution is Hidef:
The new Quad Core Processor:
The 5 mpx Front Camera
And there is a new button which allows Siri dictation:
It´s Apple´s first LTE Device
It will be available in america everywhere
A little update
So now the new Iphoto App for Ipad: Available today
And garageband update will also be available:
And Iwork and IMovie get an Update
For this Prices:
Namco shows of the new Sky Gamblers Game:
Stunning Graphics:
And now the new Infinity Blade Dungeons:
And another Screenshot

Hopefully i gave you all the important news here. Thanks for reading!

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